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June 27, 2010



I haven't mentioned before, but the cone flowers are really pretty. I just noticed they're getting all brown and fuzzy on the cone part. Sorry to hear about the skunk saga. Good that he's not going to be a bother, but what the heck got him? Some ragtag critter passing through probably.


What cute little bookmarks! Those would make great little gifts to put in cards.


I'm no help with pricing, but to learn to Navajo ply, just hit You Tube. Heaven knows if I taught myself, you can teach yourself in the blink of an eye. (I practiced with scrap yarn first.)

While your plied handspun is lovely, I was a little shocked to read it was your beautiful "gem" singles!


I love your blog! Did you ever try and spin cotton? I have spun wool a long time fist time cotton spiner.


Oh, it is SO hot here too.

...and the coyote ~ we had one that would wander around in our yard last year and I didn't realize what it was until I took a photo of it and sent it to the Nature Center for identification ... and sure enough, it was a coyote! The Blue Rige Parkway edges my backyard so we get all kinds of critters.

LOVE your bookmarks!!

Have a lovely Sunday.


I think you should charge at least $10.00 for each bookmark.....I collect book marks and when I'm travelling and find unusual book marks I'll pay $10.00 for one.


There is a little book I found at the Gardening Symposium on what to do about critters...will look for it and send it to you! The bookmarks are adorable!

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