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May 11, 2010



Hey funny you should mention ZZ plant-went to lowe's and there it was-they have it awful wet-will let it dry out. Love your plantings-I need ideas-someone is making me a bottle tree-now to find colorful


Beautiful photos, and as you might recall, I did consider poking my eyes out on Citron, and skipped the extra repeat I had plenty of yarn for in the name of sanity... and still nearly lost it!


Lots of info in your post today! I'm busy checking out all your links :) Love all the pictures and it looks like you've been getting really nice weather. That Earl Grey is such a cutie, and he looks so soft! What a character.


I am going to get self a ZZ plant......We just pulled all the bushes lining the street to replace with? Your garden is really shaping up! I don't (refuse) knit but love the citron!


I love the yarn you are using for your Citron.... you garden is looking great, I don't know where you find the time for everything you do! And you've got some fine garden helpers there. LOL

BTW, I haven't forgotten your markers, I'm just really behind on everything! :)

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