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May 26, 2010



I cannot believe that that gorgeous pond is yours and that you can fish in it. Maybe a small fish for Bryan but how nice to have that time with his dad. Hope it won't be so long next time~


Sounds like you had a very nice visit! I'm glad Earl Gray is doing better. Oh and your intarsia project, ugh! I hate intarsia because of all the skeins, I do love fair isle or stranded work though. Much eaiser!

Timmie B

I wish VA weren't so far away and travel wasn't so expensive. I miss you my friend. KTog ladies discussed possible road trip but will be fall if we do. Wanda has wedding, Kelly is babysitting, Diane is grandma again, and Gaye's going to Europe. I don't want to drive it by myself.


So glad all is well in your little corner of the world! Enjoy this special time. See you soon.


I've never gotten the allure of fishing, but that's okay; the Knight doesn't get knitting either.

Enjoy your family time!


Looks like he is having fun.....we have a few that would do the same! Enjoy your time with them!

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