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May 22, 2010


Jeanne B.

Cats! I tell ya. Silly boy. May his head feel better soon.


Hope your poor boy is better soon. This is the first time that I've had to ensure my cat never leaves the house. I don't miss the cat fight festered sores that Carson Kitty used to get, but I miss that cat more than I can say.


Just stopped by to say hi and see that I have missed quite a bit! Love your photos on the last several posts! You know how I love those farm animals! :)

So sorry to hear about little Earl Gray (love the name!). I know he is in good hands.

Have a great week!


I hope Earl Gray is feeling better!! So how are those warm compresses going? :)

Love the look of your bag, can't wait to see it completed....


Earl Gray is in the garage now? Is the raccoon locked out?? Could they have been having disputes over the place, the raccoon wanting a collar and a bed and a mommy and all?? Hope he recovers quickly.

BTW- I love watching your knitting progress, this new bag looks beautiful.

Timmie B

I'm hooked on felting big time now. I've felted a hat and a small bag and have yarn and patterns for more. I'm trying to finish a sample sweater for class I hope to teach at GCY and a baby sweater then I'll be felting again. Hope Earl Grey gets better soon.

R. Morris

Poor Earl! He certainly can find himself some trouble can't he?
I love the colors of the new bag!


Poor kitty! Hope things get better for him soon. Good luck with the compresses.

Laurie (Moo!)

Poor Earl Gray! He's got a good Mom, tho. Good luck with those compresses. LOL!!!

The bag looks great. Ever since I did Tom's intarsia vest, I'm not so against the idea. Is it your own pattern?


I can't wait to see the finished are so productive these days...about all I am managing is blankie squares! I am so sorry to hear about Earl Gray, I wonder who he has been tussling with...and I would love to see you try to put a compress on him...I can only imagine!


LOVE the start of that bag! Can't wait to see it.

Poor Earl Gray, and you! I hope he tolerates the compresses better than expected and that the mean bully (whatever/wherever it might be) goes away and lets that sweet boy be!

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