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October 06, 2009



That there is an albino squirrel! Way cool! I saw someone's photo recently of an albino deer in the backyard somewhere in Chesterfield Co. They're cool to look at, but it then makes me worry about why we're seeing an increase in albinism....

Anyway, nice to catch up with you on your blog again. I miss you!



I've never seen white squirrels! I love old cemeteries, too. I photograph them on vacation, even if my husband thinks it's a bit odd. :-)


Wow! I've never seen a white squirrel before! Good eye with the camera. :)

Jeanne B.

I've lived in Ohio all my life (46 years) and I've never seen a white squirrel before! How cool! Did you know we also have black squirrels? Those are my favorite. They are plentiful in my area up North here.

Ohio is full of history, with the mounds and forts you should have plenty to discover.


Your explorations are fascinating! Thanks for sharing. Wonder what my Sofee would think if she ever encountered your white squirrel? Would make chasing after dark a little easier! :)


You have really gotten into your new life!!! Sounds like a great creative area, too.

And sorry about George. Maybe the squirrel is George as your new guardian angel.

A group of us knitters from the tri-cities went to the Fall Fiber Festival last weekend - it was a glorious day with lots of alpacas, angora rabbits, wool and people.


Atta girl. I knew you'd embrace your new life and you've done it with relish and verve.


That squirrel is famous. My husband has mentioned that squirrel off and on thruout the years. Very cool that you caught a picture. Waynesville does have a lot to offer. Hope you enjoy the Saurerkraut Festival this weekend.

Linked you thru Ravelry...fellow Waynesvillian. :)


Cool squirrel! I bet though he's a target for bird attacks!

That is really neat about the Spillway. You are sure discovering a lot about Ohio. I love hunting for fossils. Maybe someday I'll have to visit!


What a neat squirrel! Was it albino? Could you see the eyes?

I love cemeteries too, and that fossil hunting sounds fun!


Oh, I've heard about albino squirrels but I've never even seen a picture of one until now. I love to visit old cemeteries.

I actually know what trilobites, brachipods, and cephlopods are, but I had no idea there was a place to search for fossils in that area.


Hi Robin!

Personally, I think the squirrel is his new life...watching over you!

Yeah, how's the decorating coming?!? You gave us all those gorgeous sample pictures and we want to know!

Loved the watercolor in last posting...lovely. You are one talented lady!


Enjoy! How is the decorating coming along?

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