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June 18, 2009



What a wonderful day. I'm interested in the circular shawl idea - I've not knit one before but saw a beautiful pattern on Knitty.


Hi Robin!

Can't wait for Cat Bordhi blog! Whoo whoo!! You are having so much fun. The lace stuff sounded wonderful and I know how much you love that stuff! Love so how cool is seeing Amy Singer in person! We are jealous...

Pom Pom

I forgot to tell you happy blogday yesterday! So, HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your fantastic blog!
Thanks for the update! I love the knitty lady story! Isn't she fun! Love her sweater!
You must be an extreme smarty because you really GET all the knitting talk. It is a happy thing for us, your readers!

Timmie B

I just realized that Andy is in area where my KF Sarah Cline lives. She's in Barnesville and is indie dyer She's very interesting person with two small children. Sometime when you're there, maybe I can "get you connected."


Sounds like you've had two great programs with more to come.

Personally, I tend to stumble over those cord protectors. I have wondered more than once if I wouldn't be better off taking my chances with the "bare" cords!

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