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June 28, 2009



Beautiful vase - looks great with the flowers in it.


I can always count on you to let us know about all these great places to go.

Your vase looks very oriental. I thought it was old. Jealous of your flowers. Of course, if I spent more time cleaning out the weeds I too could have a garden like yours. I had it once but after the surgery and three years of neglect it went to the weeeds.


A pottery trail - who knew?! Much less fattening than a wine trail, through probably more expensive. I'd take that trail, you betcha.


That's the perfect little vase for those flowers. I think it's starting to get too hot for flowers here. Well that and some rain would help too.

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I like your vase. It is perfect for beautiful flowers. I remember every Sunday my mom always send me a flowers and I think I also need that kind of vase. Thanks for sharing.



Hmmm... I think I've added another place to my must-see list. Off to play with Google maps and ponder...


Hi Robin,funny you writing about Seagrove, we were just about 20 miles from there last week.Didn't go--but saw some "wow" things from there. Had fun--your Mother did great work.

Pom Pom

Lovely vase! Visit my blog. I have something there for you!

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