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June 23, 2009



What a great hat!


I've just spent about 12 hours in two different days waiting for my cars AC to get fixed in Barnes and Noble. The shop drops me off and I knit. Of course, you can't leave B&N w/o a new mag or something. Our Starbucks are quite small for a group to meet.

Timmie B

She did do fine job and inspired me too. I have enough black and white left from zebras to make my nephew a similar one.


I love seeing happy knitwear recipients.

The deer ate ALL of my lilies overnight, so I'm glad you had some "fresh" pretties to share.

There's a rumor that some guy out near Stony Mountain Fibers DOES rent out goats...


Great hat - how nice that she knit it for him - my knitting group meets at Panera and although they are all very nice, we are more likely to get weird looks from them rather than requests for knitwear!


Great hat! I loved your previous posts about Knitters Connection. It sounds like you had a blast and learned a lot too!
I would be so intimidated to knit anything near Cat B!

Pom Pom

I love the hat! How sweet!
Yes, you should get some goats to mow for you! I've heard they are a lot of fun!

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