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June 16, 2009



The baby blanket looks gorgeous. The house sounds promising - right next to an alpaca farm - wow!!


I have to say, Woolly Bully is my fave local yarn shop...and it's only 20 mins from Lebanon! lol - this is Anna from Monday night's art club, btw. :)


My first thought about the tree was the same as Rusty M.'s, it's a tulip tree. The flowers on the ones I'm familiar with are a little more colorful, more yellow and orange, but the shape looks right.

It sounds like you're having fun and finding some promising locations and yarn shops. Cute blanket! I like those colors together.


The blanket is very pretty.
Can't wait to hear about the lecture


Sounds like you are having a great week. How wonderful to have so many yarn shops close by. Everything looks so charming - but remember that older houses need LOTS of work (I know you know that by now!)

Enjoy the classes and come back and teach us!

Rusty M.

Hiya Robin, I think that the tree is a tulip tree. We have tons around and they sure are pretty. Glad you are enjoying the yarn shops!


What lovely shops!

I love your blanket, especially the green with purple edging, but then I am green girl afterall. Everything I own is green from my coffee mug to my laptop, to my purse.

The flower does remind me of a dogwood, except too many petals. It kind of reminds me of a wild or old fashioned rose too. I'll have to get out my gardening book at home.

Pom Pom

Andy is a sweetie pie to tour you around. YOU are so open and friendly! I can't wait to hear about knitting school!


Nice yarn shops. I do find figuring out GPS "territories" a bit frustrating.

There is a dwarf magnolia. I'll know more about it shortly, as MJ is having one planted at my house in the next week or so. She's seen it in person, but I've only read up on them online.


What was the name of the rug hooking shop? The part of Ohio I went to was flat as a pancake for miles....reminded me of the Eastern shore of Md...where I grew up. You're looking at ole much better than the new ones....Love the the yarn...have fun!


The baby blankie looks great!!Love the colours. And I love the new shawl pattern--very nice indeed. I may have to download that one! Hope you get the problem figured out.


Hmm, I wonder if your flowering tree is a dogwood??

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