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June 27, 2009



I'd love to hear how the Magic ball turns out. It sounds great :)


Jane's exhibit in beyond words.

Love your new stash.


I have a hard time avoiding schaefer yarn too! I love, love, love their sockyarn!


I have some #35 needles, if you'd like me to drop them in the mail to you? They're straights... maybe about 12" long?

I wanted to go see Wendy and get my book signed, but there wasn't enough time in the day. Had to rush home for a parade, and I'm glad I did; we got to see some old friends and won a couple of trophies.


Oh I can't imagine knitting with size 36 needles. I can't even picture how large they must be.

I haven't been to Hillsborough in decades but I remember that it was a nice little town.

Jane has some beautiful stuff in her exhibit!

Rusty M.

Seriously? Are you going to knit with size 36 needles?!? It will be like knitting with logs...teehee.


WOW WOW WOW!! Jane's exhibit is phenomenal!
You have been a busy girl too. I saw Wendy today. Got my book signed. Went to lunch with Linda and Renny. AND joined the Knitting Guild!! So I've been almost as busy as you!

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