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May 10, 2009


Pom Pom

I recently viewed some lovely sheep watercolors in British Country Living and your post reminded me. Thank you! Sheep = what I wanna be. Smile.


Oh wow, what beautiful artwork!

Rosanne - Firefly Nights

Where were the art and photo entries? I forgot about them.

Timmie B

Missed you at knitting last night. I'm going to start a by-invitation Yahoo group for us--mainly for communication purposes.


Really liked the yurt pictures. Hope you had a good Mom's day too!


I really love the abstract sheep! Happy Mother's Day.

Robin in VA

Oh WOW...that art is beautiful!

Happy Mother's Day!!


I almost bought the sheep following the cat print. But it was pricey. I did take her business card though!

Happy Mother's day. I got a pair of pink gardening gloves and a pink trowel.


I love the two watercolors at the top and the other watercolor with the resting sheep. I hadn't heard the Argyle story. What a cute story!

Zoe ferret sent me an ecard and apologized for the boys (Clyde and Dexter) not sending a card. LOL!

Happy Mother's Day!


Another great post! I hadn't heard about Argyle; cute story.

Gretchen was so eager to spend our first Mother's Day together that we've been up since 6-something. Bless.Her.Heart.

Happy Mother's Day to you too!

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