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February 22, 2009


Rosanne - Firefly Nights

You sure have been busy. The spinning event sounds like it was fun. Did you get the e-mail from Barbara at Stony Mountain about the guest she's having this month?

Timmie B

No you are not the last one to knit a clapotis. I am. My intent is to cast on one this weekend.

Wow lots of fiber stuff for one weekend.


You certainly were busy! I didn't know you'd left home for the Richmond area that morning!

It was great to run into you at Yarns, Etc!

I truly did enjoy listening to Franklin!


It made my morning looking at all those pictures Robin! Thanks so much for sharing them. Our provincial guild has two events in May and June and I'm so looking forward to going to them this year.

Mary Ann Pagano

I am so glad you like the fiber! You indeed had a fiber-adventure day!

Cathy in Va.

Oh, good for you. You made it to both events. Sounds like *lots* of fun.


Hi Robin!

Got to meet Franklin Habit! You are such a rock star...I love his book and his blog is great. They did a great write up of him in the newest British knit mag, which I can't remember the name of right now. Anyway, you had a SPECTACULAR day!

Hope Bailey does okay...we don't like it when our pets are down and out...hugs to the kids.

I took a fab felting class yesterday and made red sparkle mittens...too chic! Wish you had been there!


Oh - what fun! Seeing Franklin Habit looks like such a treat.


What fun! I would have loved to have sen Fraknklin- I've had his book for some time and have read his blog for forever. Lucky Girl!!!

You are all WRONG!! I will be that last one to knit a Clapotis!!!

Robin C

Whew! that was fun. I always have a good time e-traveling with you!

love all your purchases. Looks like you got some great stuff.

Have a great week.

Robin C


Wow, that is pretty close to an overdose! Not quite though, lol! And how awesome you got to meet Franklin!

Just so you know, no, you are not the last one to knit a Clapotis; I'm aiming for that distinction...


WOW sounds like you had a won-der-ful day! Thanks for posting -- my eyes are quite green right now!


WOw! Looks like an incredible day! I haven't seen Kathy in ages--glad o see she is being so productive! Love all your goodies!


Wow - definitely a fiber & fun filled day! You're not the last to knit the Clapotis - I still haven't. :)


What a great trip. How could you not stash enhance with such lovely things to choose from. Love the yarn for your Clapotis. It will be so pretty.


Looks like you had a wonderful time. Lovely stash enhancement. :)

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