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December 06, 2008



Happy (belated) Birthday!!!


Happy (belated) Birthday!!!


Happy (belated) Birthday!!!


Happy Belated Birthday!


Happy belated birthday!!


Oh, didn't get on the computer this weekend...tried to start the decorating! So sorry I missed your birthday and I am sending you lots of good (belated) birthday wishes! Hope you are feeling better and that you had a wonderful time with all your classes...they sure sounded like fun.


Happy Birthday, two days late! My first garment is from Sally's knitting book. I say is as it is now in a bag because I did something wrong with the shoulders.
Like your class project. Ver interesting to see all the things that can be done.

Christina King

Happy Birthday Robin! What a great way to spend the day. I am a big fan of Sally Melville.

Sorry to hear about the diverticula attack. I had a miserable day at Stitches East where I got to know the cleaning staff very but due to similar problems.

Counting down the days to KAL.


Wow, that was almost the birthday that wasn't, darn bodies. Happy Birthday. I'm so glad you shook your fist at that darn diverticula and put it in it's place. Enjoy and celebrate the rest of your week!


Happy Birthday, Robin! It sounds like a fun way to spend your birthday, well except for your diverticula. I was just noticing that Sally Melville has quite a variety of classes and workshops.


Happy birthday Robin.


Happy Birthday, Robin! You have the very best adventures.


I love Sally Melville's books--I first turned to them when I started knitting and she was so encouraging and the patterns were simple but effective. What a huge thrill to take her classes!

I will be watching for her mother/daughter book too--!


Hi Robin!

Happy belated birthday and I'm STILL jealous of the Sally Melville classes, but so glad you are able to take them! Enjoy! Can't wait for more posts!

Cathy in Va.

Happy Birthday! What a fun way to celebrate (once you started feeling better, of course :( ). How cool to take classes from Sally Melville. From her books, it looks like she'd really be an excellent teacher. Have a great time!


Happy birthday, Robin!

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