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December 08, 2008



Oh a Butterfly spinner, the perfect ending to a wonderful birthday weekend! I've heard such good things about Woolee Winders too. One of these days, I'll get one.


Oh, lucky you! I was so interested in the Butterfly spinner when I saw it at SAFF. I know I'd spin a whole lot more if I had one of those. Enjoy your new toy.


Another Butterfly! Look at you spin... I'm still waiting for the day when it feels safe to try to spin in front of Gretchen. I'm so glad your birthday weekend ended on a high note.


As always you had another enjoyable weekend. I can't think of any other yarn to use for the multi-directional scarf. I am gifting mine. So I know next year I will make one for myself.
Interesting yarn for the sock. certainly works for the male gender.
OK, did you sleep? Have you spun up enough yarn to make a blanket LOL.

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