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December 26, 2008



Happy holidays to you!


Wishing you a very happy New Year with lots of joy and surprises and good things. You look like you had a wonderful Christmas :)

Timmie B

Looks like a fun time was had by all. I'm with Chan...the snoozin' shots are great.


What a wonderful Christmas you had with all your family around both two legged and 4!
Gee, I hate to think of you moving!


Such a lovely Christmas you had. We put nice things in our stocking, too. And I love the knit ones I made because they do, indeed, hold a lot!


See, I knew it would be a memorable Christmas!


Sounds like you had a wonderful day - and we had some holiday snoozing here as well - just part of the day!


If there's holiday snoozing, then you know it's been a good Christmas. It looks like it was a fun Christmas.


My favorite picture hands down was "holiday snoozing." It just spoke to me. I have loved the stories of your house - it's what everyone dreams of living in and it's yours! Next year you will live someone different but your family will be the same wonderful people they were this year. Since you have limited choices, celebrate the good part - family. It's the richest thing that we cannot buy.

Robin in VA

You had simply a BEAUTIFUL Christmas!


What a wonderful Christmas! Thanks for sharing a glimpse with us. Of course, the snoozin' shots are my favorites...

Merry Christmas!

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