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December 20, 2008


Timmie B

Even though I knew this was coming reading it here makes it official. Good luck with all the moving and with new jobs.


Thats too bad he wasn't able to find something closer, but at least there's some security. And I here Ohio is nice.

I'm sure everything will work out just fine, and think of all those new yarn stores you'll have to check out!

Keep positive thoughts, sending lots your way as well.


Hi Robin!

Okay, I know you are breathing, so keep that up. Andy has a great job, so that is good. You will all be together at Christmas, so that is fabulous. One day at a time. Be thankful for small and big blessings. It will be a grand new shops to explore, new friends to meet, new knitting opportunities, LOTS of hookers!

Merry Christmas to you all. In the entire scheme of things, you are truly blessed this year.


Have a Merry Christmas,and great wishes for a great new and fasinating 2009. New places to sell soap thru and new knit shops and rug groups to get excited about!


Wow! Big changes! I hope the process goes as smoothly as possible. Merry Christmas! I hope that it is a good one. Hugs!


Enjoy your time together in your house full of memories. I too am sorry you'll be leaving the area, but I'm so glad I got to meet you and will look forward to Knittin' at the Lake all the more!


As someone who has moved many times, I offer the same advice as others - have a plan for everyday. Then it becomes like any job where you have things you need to do, and there is a sense of accomplishment when you're done. And hire help - it will go a long way towards preserving your sanity! Moving is never easy, especially under the circumstances you find yourself in - hugs and wishes for an easy transition into the New Year!

Andrea from RCK

I'm so sad that you will be leaving the area. I'll have to order soap via the mail from you. Are you leaving Jan. 4 as well, or will you stay a bit to finish up things with your job and the house?



Oh man, good news and bad news. Wrenching and I'm sorry that this clouds your holiday celebration. I hope you are still able to experience some joy this Yule. It's not like you lost someone - it's all just things in the end. I don't mean to sound glib - starting over isn't easy. I don't know what to say.

Rusty M.

Robin, Take a deep breath. Now, I'm sure you will find lots of great things and end up having a great walk down memory lane.
The wreaths are great. And it's wonderful to be able to use materials that are just "lying" around.


Take it one step at a time, and don't focus on all what needs to be done, just the immediate task at hand. It helps keep things moving along...less of the paralysis of all that needs to be done. Mind games played with yourself is a good thing.

Enjoy your time with the boys and you will make it...I know you will.


Robin- you and your entire family are always in my thoughts and prayers. I need a miracle weekend too- not as big as yours! but pretty big nonetheless. Hang in there and I know you and I know it will all come together for you!!

Heading out to do the shopping- the wrapping will have to come LATER! and then the cleaning and baking.

Love ya girl.


Wow! That's a lot on your plate. Hugs! I hope good things for you in this transition.


Good luck with all the packing and organisation. I hope your move goes smoothly and you manage to get settled quickly. I'm sure you will have a wonderful weekend.


I have a feeling this weekend will turn out to be better than you expect. With the children there, you will have lots of laughter over old memories. You will laugh over things you forgot you had saved. Plus you can all decorate together and make some new memories. Take lots of pictures!!

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