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September 18, 2008


Siding Augusta

the attic windows was great and the tomatoes look so delicious! I wonder if you didn't fall from that high ladder you were in. nice post!

Rosanne - Firefly Nights

Hope you enjoyed the workshop. I really like that Long Stitch Wrap.


What a cute wrap! I'm sorry to hear about the diabetes. Hang in there!

Oh and can you send me a list of Bird Bath Essentials availability again, I accidently deleted your e-mail and can't get it back. I really want to place an order this week, I know I definitely want the almond bar (h) with a lotion. But I want some others too.

Have a great workshop!

Cathy in Va.

Just catching up, and, wow, sorry about all the challenges lately! Nice that there are always things to appreciate, like the garden and the wildlife. Looks like the classes this weekend will be fun -- interesting patterns.


I made the wrap that you have pictured last year. You will enjoy it.


The windows REALLY look great!
Hope you have a great class on the weekend!

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