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September 13, 2008



Hi Robin, I'm just catching up with you now. It looks like you are keeping busy :)

Rusty M.

Hiya Robin! A wonderful trip,as always.If you go to the alpaca/llama "fun" pet one for me.
Hope you didn't get any storm damage there. We are still without any broadband but Praise God that we have electric at our house. Many here still do not have any. So using one of the computers at the library. Have a good weekend!


Another wonderful day. Lunch perked me up! I checked out the National Alpaca Farm Days, 5 hours 2 Min, 270.11 miles. Looks like I won't see you untill the Knitting Retreat! :-((

Rosanne - Firefly Nights

Sure am sorry I missed the meeting. It's such a great group.


Even Katie and ferrets will peak out the window if they know one of us is outside.

It sounds like you had a fun day!


Oh, thanks Robin! It's almost as though I didn't miss the meeting after all. Of course, the photo of the pups is my favorite though...


I love that blue fair isleish sweater she made. Very smart looking indeed! That looks like a pattern I may have to hunt down.

Aren't pups funny. Abner and Django go on constnat neighborhood watch, yesterday was garage sale day in our town, they had a lot of fun barking at EVERYONE!

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