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September 27, 2008



Gracie is such a sweetie. You have certainly been very very busy!


I just love the kitty pictures! We always called it playing the piano or playing the organ. Making biscuits is a cute name, too.

Cathy in Va.

I'm going to have to start watching for that new book -- sounds very interesting. Looks like your class was a lot of fun, and what scrumptious yarns!


I wish I knew how to get Charlie to like a bed. He steals beds instead and the dogs resent that. I'm going to look up her books in the library tomorrow. She's new to me and she sounds interesting.


It looks like a great class!

I love gardenias. That's a perfect blossom. One of these days I'll plant myself a gardenia.



A week without Robin's blog is like a week without sunshine, girlfriend! Glad to have you back...

Class looked fab and know you had a ball. Loved all the pics! And the flower pics... And Gracie pics in her new "home"... always a treat!

Off to Taos...fall colors exploded in high country this weekend with cooler weather up there...we should have FABULOUS color on the way down and through La Veta Pass! Wish you were going with us!

Rusty M.

Ohhhh. What a great class that must have been to attend. Sounds like you got alot out of it. I like the colors of the scarf.


Wow, you had a busy & creative weekend. Now I wish I had come too!!
LOVE the flower pics. I can smell them from here!

Wool Winder

Gardenias are my favorite! The knitting workshop sounds like it was fun.

Miss 376

Must be fantastic doing a workshop with the deisgner. Looks as if a great time was had by all

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