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September 02, 2008



Lovely socks!


I really, really like these.


These are super cute! Love them!


Hi Robin, They look great! Can't wait to see how you do on the toe up...working on a pair now and will charge the battery in the camera so I can send you a picture of the toe...thought you might like to see it. Will email later.


Love the Online sock yarn. The coloured striping is so pretty, and the socks look great! Makes me think that I should get after that pair I have been knitting for the last three months.haha.

Wool Winder

Love the colors! ONline is one of my favorites.


Those are some happy socks. I might have to... (It DEFINITELY won't count as stash if I don't type it, right?)


Hi Robin!

Just go ahead and put them in the mail to me!!! Kidding....I think my feet are smaller than yours! They turned out super yummy delicious!


I LOVE them!! What fun!

Jeanne B.

Oh what fun socks! Love the pattern and colors! They do look happy.

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