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July 05, 2008


Rosanne -- Firefly Nights

Glad you got your Market Bag finished. I printed the pattern, but after reading and hearing about the trouble you had with it, I think I'll wait a while to tackle it.


I like your market bag - what a super pattern and you've chosen such a super colour.

Timmie B

I'm doing some market bags too so I may try this pattern. I found one that was a freebie on Plymouth's site as uses Fantasy Naturale. I used plain old kitchen cotton. Have another one that I bought that used a provisional cast on (ugh). I frogged in favor of Plymouth one.


Love the bag, but hate Euroflax linen. I tried it last year and felt like I was knitting with razor wire.


Love, love, love the bag! But for a moment I thought you had put the salad in the bag and thought "Well now, that's a mistake; It's gonna spill all out of there!" It's early here still!


Oh man, your bag brings back memories. Our market bags now have logos on the side, according to which vendor we purchased them from, but when I lived in the Philippines, market bags looked just like yours - the real deal. I'd enthusiastically adopt and endorse the plan to create market bags, but I'm laying low in the smokes from California. Poor me - poor them!!!!

Rusty M.

Love the market bag. Looks waayyyyy better than the one I'm knitting from the pattern of the day calendar. I think I will have to make this one as well.

Laurie (Moo!)

I like your market bag.

I especially like what's in it. :-)


Hey Robin,
I love that salad. Someone in Moms church gave her the recipe and our family loves it. We bring the dressing to a boil and let it cool then poor over veggies. Don't know why, either way would work I think.
Love the bag


That is THE coolest bag. I want to know how to make those squares with knitting. I am going to have to check that out.

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