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June 28, 2008


Rosanne -- Firefly Nights

Enjoyed having lunch with you. Thanks for bringing the great soap. I agree with you about the cloth Alice wove. It looked very professional.

The thing that I find interesting about show and tell at the RCK meetings is the great variety of projects that the members undertake. The pillow, hat, and motif socks this month were all quite different from most knitting we encounter.

It's nice that the sunflower farmer still lives in an area where he/she can sell flowers on the honor system and still expect to find the cutters there the next day. In my area I think someone would steal them and use them in their own garden. An hour to the north, they would steal them and use them to stab someone. All three options in one state. What a variety of environments we have here.


Here is the link to the Badcat blog where the pattern is discussed.

The badcat design is different from the pattern from "men who knit" that particular pattern is in the round.

I am sure it is available someplace!

Her patterns are nice, I have made a few.


I've got to drive by that sunflower place sometime! Fun times on Saturday -- it was nice seeing you!


It was a lovely morning, and a fantastic lunch! I'm so glad I followed your lead... yum! Those sunflowers are incredible. I wish we got more direct sun. I could plant some up at the road front though. Next year!


Cool, you got to see Flat Feet in person.

Your knitting group sounds like a lot of fun!

I went to an agility competition this weekend and came home with lots of ribbons.


Hi Robin!

Wondered where you were...thought the heat melted ya! The shawls are so beautiful and "wispy"...beautiful work. I love looking at them all. My Dad loved sunflowers (he was originally from Kansas) and we always gave him grief over the sunflowers he always had in his gardens!

We are enjoying a bit of a cool front and cool breezes for another day....heaven!


What a great day - I do love seeing your knit trips. That sunflower field is gorgeous and it is great that the farmer still trusts people enough to have an honour system like that.


Queen Anne's Lace by Mmario (ravelry link). It is pretty isn't it? He makes beautiful patterns.

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