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January 21, 2008



Robin - Thank you so much for another wonderful weekend of knitting, laughing, eating and even snow this year!! Can't wait for next year! You do such a great job of getting all of this organized!


Wow - that's a lot of preemie hats! It certainly looked like it was worth all your work :)


Thank you Robin for organizing the retreat. It was a great place, great gals and so much fun, the perfect winter getaway - who cared if it snowed - that just added to the beauty. Absolutely mahvelous weekend!


The weekend sounds divine. I use to host scrapbook weekends, but since I took up knitting that is all I can think about. I have thought of doing a knitting weekend, but I know how much work goes into something like that, and it sounds like you did a great job.


Amazing....all those hats! I love your cat pictures too. They are both so pretty. I also love the pics of your Dad's baskets...i Like the long ovalish shaped basket with what looks like a wooden handle inside it. You must have a very talented family.

Rusty M.

Wow.Those hospitals should be thrilled to have so many people care to knit all those little caps. You rock!! Thanks for the update and photos. I always feel like I've been with you. Keep up the good work.


Seventy preemie caps?!! Wow, you knitters rock!


Hi Robin!

You did great again and talk about great little hats...WOW! Know the hospitals that receive them will be so thankful! It is a good thing....



Thank you, Thank you, Thank you Robin!!
You did it again--a wonderful weekend was had by all of us!
We ARE a great bunch of knitters!! And Clarkesville is great place to knit.And drink. And laugh. And eat. And spend money!!


What a great week-end, knittin, snow & lots of silly fun! I so enjoyed seeing all again this year, the talents of these folks amaze me. Thanks to all for a great time.

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