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November 09, 2006



How cute that your cat sleeps with his toys!

And speaking of charity knitting, I have a little section in my blog's sidebar of various charity knitting projects that are out there. This reminds me that I need to add the Red Scarf Project to it....


Nice fingerless glove, the cable is very interesting with the 2 colors. Combining seed stitch and ribbing gives it so much depth, could this be a Knitty article in the works?


I bought that book a few weeks ago, and have really been enjoying it. The mitts look great, and your Earl Gray has me thinking about getting another cat. What a cutie!


Hi hon! Thanks for the lovely concern. I'm feeling a little better. I need to get that book, I guess a stop at my local B&N is in order. Oh I love Earl Grey what a gorgeous cat, hehehe I like the tea also.



Sorry I missed you Tues. Bob and I have a standing date to spend all elections together. Hope I see you Sat. at Patsy's. Jane

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