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November 08, 2006



I LOVE the emergency yarn ornaments! I think that's the best use of novelty yarn that I've ever seen. Brilliant!


Congrats to Emmy!


Congratulations, Emmy! And I'm glad you got pictures of Melanie's scarf -- I didn't get over to where she was sitting to see that. I'm also glad you got pictures of the other pins - I just love all the variety. Thanks for the goodies! (However, NO THANKS to having TWO pictures of me on the blog - yuck!)


What wonderful little gifts. You are so clever.


YAY!! Thanks Robin !!I have emailed you as well. I am glad that you didn't count me twice- that double post was quite accidental. I promise. I am very excited and most of all for a bar of your soap!! But you know what? I don't know how to do the Magic Loop! and sock yarn is always more than welcome in my stash. And YES! I will keep on reading and posting prize or not. :) Oh!and I am so going to steal your emergency yarn ball idea. Wouldn't that make the cutest tree?


your "ktog" and "yarn emergency" things are so neat! very creative! : )

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