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February 04, 2013



Oh and I love the earrings. Reminds me of the stitch markers.


The snow covered yard is beautiful and your house is georgeous. Gracie sounds just like our little dog Cotton and Earl sounds just like our Rowdy. He is always into something and she is always looking at him like he is crazy. Love the cowl, you make me want to knit one so now I must jump over to Ravelry to find a pattern. Miss ya.

kathy b

I love your cowl knits. THey are addictive eh? And so practical. That is what I love most about them

Earl is a funny one! I love when a kitty hides under a blanket

Jeanne B

Great cowl! I might need to knit myself one to match my fingerless gloves, it is COOOOLD in my office.

So, how does the office closing in Dayton affect Andy's job and your living in Ohio?

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