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December 27, 2012



Lily has a collar just like my Cotton, but she does not have the hat. I should get a hat like that for Rowdy.
We did not get the snow that you got. I was a bit disappointed. The snow and your house are beautiful.
Happy New Year Robin.

kathy b

Your pup is adorable. Our cats are loving the tree time too.
I love your PUre and Simple Hat...they have the nicest patterns. I have never gone wrong with one yet.

It will be very hard to say goodbye to my girl next week....but then We will be going to visit her in march!!!! IT is so good to have family home.


Merry Christmas, Robin! Best to you and your family.

The snow is beautiful!


Merry Christmas! I celebrate Christmas for 12 days so you're having a white Christmas in my book. It rained here all day yesterday but my friend in Meadows of Dan had ice. Glad we were far enough southeast to avoid the ice.

Robin Crittenden

I was just wondering if you got snow after seeing the weather this morning. It's so pretty.

Look forward to reading more in 2013.

Have a great day!

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