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December 29, 2012


kathy b

Your parents are just adorable. Your mom's shoulder wrap must have been just wonderful to wear for her and to view for you.

I LOVE snow scapes too! At 0600 this morning, at work during the last hour of night shift, the blue sky was so peaceful. I want more snow in CHicago. WE have some.

IM glad you liked the BIlly Crystal movie...I want to see it.
Happy Knitting

Pamela Bos

Your Mom and Dad look great, as does Lily! Your snow is beautiful. We have had snow, but with high winds so it does not stick. I hate the high winds here in the mountains. At night, it sounds like a hurricane with the metal roof rattling. In the morning, there are trees down and tree debris everywhere. Take a day to clean up, then it starts again. It is like this every year.


I like the wrap thingie and also have some handspun that will work nicely. I love capelet type pieces that sit on shoulders but aren't in the way of arms.

Panhandle Jane

Thanks for the hint about the Wrap Thingie. That will be a great project for some handspun that I have.

I'm glad you had such a wonderful Christmas with your parents.

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