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December 07, 2012



Happy belated birthday. Here's to many more.

Robin Crittenden

Happy Birthday Robin. Just a little late. Hope you have a great weekend.

Jeanne B

Happy Birthday, Robin! Remember, 55 is the new 22.

Pamela Bos

Happy Birthday Robin! be double nickels again! That would be nice! In my mind's eye, I am still in my thirties. But when I walk by a mirror, I wonder who that old lady is that keeps looking back at me! Am I senile? I would like to just think that old lady is stalking me! Yep, and I am going to keep on thinking that because it works for me! Tell all I said Hi. Wishing you all Happy Holidays!


Glad you had a Happy Birthday. Loved spinning and spending time with you and Martha on your Birthday.

kathy b

Less cat vomit....seriously . and id like to see the northern lights next year!


Merry Thornsburg

♫♪♫ Happy Birthday Beautiful Robin! ♫♪♫

Susie B

Happy, happy birthday, Robin! Would not have guessed double nickels--thought you were much younger.


Happy birthday, Robin. You look beautiful!

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