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January 21, 2008



Awww, a kitty and his Mama. Very sweet. He's just like Luna. I call her my little "lap whore". She's curled up on my left leg even as i type. she's gonna be really upset when i need to get up to use the loo.


now that is exactly what I miss having a kitty for. I just love his name too.


aw... how sweet! Bartholamew sleeps like that with me on the sofa and Pepper stakes her claim after we've gone to bed.


Ophelia does that to me - it is so cute!


Sissy does the same thing to me. Can't pick her up but it is OK for her to sleep on me. I'm still writing my blog update!


You certainly deserve the nap & the company!

Jeanne B.

I love it when cats treat us like furniture. :-) They're so warm and purry, too.

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