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January 19, 2008



Your Daddy's baskets are just so gorgeous!

Looks like you had some fabulous items to choose from. I totally would have left with an empty wallet and a booga bag with a huge hole in it. LOL!


Thanks for a super fantastic weekend Robin! It was great being with so many awesome and talented knitters. I love you ALL!!


I just got home from the Lake and I miss everyone already!! WHAT A GREAT WEEKEND!! You did it again girl-- you rock!
Thanks again for all your hard work. And Sally too. It was so great to meet her.
Tell your Dad that I love my latest basket. I have quite a collection now--4 and counting! And my husband loves Andy's flower pot hangers.
Come on next year!!


It looks like a fun time! It looks like the vendors have lots of nice stuff. I love those watercolor earrings!


Hi Robin...everything looks so great! I miss everyone and ended up NOT going to Culpeper as I've been sick for a few weeks and stayed home to try some new meds that my doctor gave least I've been at the retreat vicariously through your blog, Mary's blog, and hearing about Mary Jane's phone calls to Lawre. Next year isn't THAT far away! Jane


What a great event!


Hi Robin!

Great vendors...great stuff....great SOCKS!!! As always, love your Dad's baskets...I still have mine and cherish it! Know y'all are having a ball. Snow to boot! See, I told ya I'd send you some!

Thanks for sharing!

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