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February 22, 2007



I'm so glad that your son is fine! Wow!

Glad you like the book too - makes me smile!


Glad that Taylor is doing fine. Now where did you get all those beads--that's a heck of alot of stitch markers!!! Hope you have a great weekend by the way.


Thanks for stopping by and visiting my blog :)

How scary for your son? He's so blessed to have walked away from that accident.



Happy to hear everyone's okay. Have fun with the lace book.


I agree -- wow. So glad he's okay, because the car looks like whoever was inside might really have been hurt. Thank God for airbags and seatbelts, huh?!

Robin in VA

WOW...Your son is so fortunate! I hope the sock it to the DUI driver, even if she is a neighbor! Sorry...that sounds harsh but someone has to get through to these people that alcohol & vehicles don't mix!!!
I'm so glad they are both okay!

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